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The life of a MSL…in pre- and post-launch modes

The life of a MSL will vary over time and consist of many activities that are often driven by a product’s lifecycle and what management wants to focus on. We grouped some of the tasks in the graphic above to make it readable – as there are many more activities to account for. The graphic [...]

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MSL On-Boarding Training Times and Methodologies

MSL On-Boarding Training Times and Methodologies shows that establishing proven and rigorous on-boarding training programs ensures that new hires quickly acquire the knowledge and ability to conduct their assigned tasks. Companies also benefit from having new employees very well prepared to execute their job because they not only contribute to the organization in a timely [...]

Physician Salaries vs FMV Rates

New research shows the key differences between Physician Salaries vs FMV Rates used to establish fee schedules for payments to HCPs. Payments made to physicians and thought leaders have been under scrutiny for many years and companies have been working to adjust their rates to level with industry standards and represent fair market value compensation [...]

The 3 Phases of MSL Performance Reviews

A new research study A Handbook for MSL Performance Reviews: Modeling Suitable Metrics of a Shifting Role reveals key indicators on MSL performance reviews and identify the most common trends and perceptions among the medical affairs executives including how they see the 3 phases of MSL Performance Reviews. The full study presents an assessment of current practices, feedback [...]

European KOL Interactions: Current vs. Preferred Frequency

This Fact Sheet presents best practices for European KOL Interactions, revealing the difference between the current frequency of interactions, as experienced by more than 130 surveyed thought leaders and what they think would be the best pace for the industry to adopt. Thought leaders are an important component of the life science ecosystem and their [...]

Compensation for Pharma Sales Representatives, District and Regional Sales Managers

In Compensation for Pharma Sales Representatives, District and Regional Sales Managers, Arx Research reveals base compensation levels and variations for sales functions in the U.S. The findings result from the input of 67 respondents from 29 U.S.-based life science operations. Life science organizations allocate considerable amounts of money to support commercial functions and field sales [...]

Variation of Compensation Levels for US Medical Affairs Functions

In this article, Arx Research reveals base compensation levels for US medical affairs functions. The findings results from the an aggregate of survey and interview input of 152 respondents from 84 U.S.-based companies, representing 1006 salaries across 18 therapeutic areas and six functional levels. Retention of talent is difficult in a highly competitive industry like [...]