Let Us Facilitate Your Key Opinion Leader Feedback Surveys Initiative

The use of Key Opinion Leader Feedback Surveys and HCP Feedback Surveys provide the intelligence necessary for Medical Affairs operations and Medical science Liaisons teams to mold communications and approach strategies to match KOLs’/Thought Leaders’ preferences.

Whether looking to gauge your own company’s customers (thought leaders, HCPs) or conduct an “at-large” study to assess how best to interact with them or to discover how your company compares to peers – we will design, host and manage the surveys, conduct interviews and prepare an analysis that uncovers KOLs expectations and best practices to work with them.

Maximize Your Medical Science Liaison Team Potential

Typical KOL feedback surveys address questions such as:

  • What do KOLs expect from our MSL team and Medical Affairs services?
  • What are KOLs’ perception of our company, services and opportunities it provide?
  • In what capacity do KOLs want to get involved (research, authorship, advisory boards, consulting, speaking)?
  • How do competing companies’ MSLs compare to ours?
  • What and how can our organization improve to enhance KOL engagement?
  • Which pace do KOLs want to interact with our MSLs, what type of content they are interested to see, or which mode of communication they prefer?

Access to relevant and timely KOL intelligence is a must in today’s ultra-competitive environment. Focused, tailor-designed research data gathered directly from the KOLs your MSL team engages provides strategic insights to solve issues unique to you  and refine your KOL engagement efforts (see sample research).

We have developed a research methodology designed to deliver the answers to your questions.  Arx’s dedicated network of life sciences professionals provides the wealth and depth of knowledge and experience required to support our clients’ initiatives.

We customize each research initiatives to meet the specific objectives of our clients.  Every project unearths actionable findings that help them make informed decisions.

KOL Feedback surveys support clients by:

  • Turning data-driven insights into concrete changes in operational processes and management principles
  • Assisting the build-up and refinement of existing capabilities to support continuous improvement and cost effectiveness
  • Establishing baseline industry-specific benchmarks for newly established functions and organizations
  • Assessing the value of company exchanges, field teams interactions and services, and relationship preferences

Our work equips clients with fact-based findings they need to support their initiatives. Whether the questions revolve around opportunity identification, strategy support, increase of value or industry-shaping trends, Arx Research is here to provide the answers no one else can.

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What KOLs think of MSLs

What KOLs think of MSLs

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