Arx Research provides Medical Affairs Benchmarking solutions to pharmaceutical executives for Medical Science Liaisons metrics, KOL engagement and KOL feedback, and KOL fair-market value compensation data through industry insights powered by primary research intelligence.

Arx Research provides clients with Medical Affairs Benchmarking based on industry-proven business practices through:

Primary Research Studies

Our library of primary research studies delivers unique insights and provides vital analysis to enable you to act quickly and with confidence.

Customized Consulting Services

Your specific needs require specific solutions. Arx Research conducts custom-designed research initiatives to provide you with factual answers in the areas of operational and competitive assessments and benchmarking.

Typical Needs

Our client needs usually arise from growth or crisis, events that are expected to lead to future unstable conditions, positive or negative. These changes are testing times for executives.  As these are often unexpected, executives are more than often unprepared for these changes and are suddenly forced to look into available resources to deal with these issues.

Although companies equip themselves with necessary tools and experienced people to adapt to changes, they may not have access to primary industry insights, the information available from seasoned industry experts who have dealt with similar situations or have the knowledge to assist and support in problem solving.

Arx Research enables solutions to reverse internal struggles and help executives make informed and rational decisions.

The Critical Paths to Sound Management Principles

Companies enjoying repeat success have operations based on solid business principles, that over time, are adopted, applied and refined by a top-down approach to responsibilities. These executives are the strongest assets and representation of the company toward clients, peers and vendors.

The day-to-day reality of conducting business involves internal control issues, increasingly higher levels of competition, rapidly moving markets and global economies that quickly change the way you do business.

Effective operations not only streamlines your business, but it also prepares you to handle changes as they come, be it internal control iss