The Altered Thought Leader Pool: How the Implementation of the Sunshine Act and CMS Open Payment Program Changed the KOL Landscape

The Altered Pharmaceutical Thought Leader Pool: How the Implementation of the Sunshine Act and CMS Open Payment Program Changed the KOL Landscape Since the adoption of the Sunshine Act in 2010 and the subsequent thought leaders’ payments reporting on the CMS Open Payment Program in 2014, many things have changed for pharmaceutical companies. It took [...]

The Medical Science Liaison Role throughout the Product’s Lifecycle

The development of a drug or medical device – the product’s life cycle – is a lengthy process that involves research, clinical trials, and input from professional peers. Pharmaceutical companies and health care suppliers spend months, and even years, as well as millions of dollars before putting a life-changing product on the market. The Medical [...]

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How the KOL Affects the Job Performance of the MSL

MSL positions were created in the late 60’s to inform and influence Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in the medical field through relationships and research collaborations. Over time, the role of the MSL has evolved and now almost all MSLs serve as vital resources for pharmaceutical and biotech firms in regards to staying on top of [...]

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How to Become a Medical Science Liaison

Are you wondering how to become a Medical Science Liaison (MSL)? A MSL connects life science organizations to industry thought leaders (or KOLs) by sharing scientific and clinical information on products and involving these KOLs in research, speaking or consulting activities.  Here’s what you can expect from your journey of medical science liaison training and [...]

The Role of Medical Science Liaisons

Pharmaceutical companies wouldn’t be able to do what they do well without the help of the role of Medical Science Liaisons, most commonly called MSLs. The role of Medical Science Liaisons is to provide the expertise to disseminate scientific and clinical information to the medical community, which in turns enables innovation in drug development and [...]

The 3 Phases of MSL Performance Reviews

A new research study MSL Performance Metrics: Valuing the Role Throughout a Product's Lifecycle reveals key indicators on MSL performance reviews and identify the most common trends and perceptions among the medical affairs executives including how they see the 3 phases of MSL Performance Reviews. The full study presents an assessment of current practices, feedback from 37 [...]