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Arx Express members enjoy a secured and unlimited 24/7 access to an existing library of proprietary life sciences primary research AND all upcoming research for 1 year following subscription1. This 400+ Fact Sheets / 3000+ pages database of exclusive research is comprised of hundreds of performance metrics, operational insights, actionable findings and vital analysis to empower management practices and industry knowledge.

Based on the input of our dedicated worldwide network of industry professionals and physicians, we conduct research initiatives to offer members factual solutions to support informed and rational decisions.

Access exhaustive analysis, benchmarking data and metrics for:

  • Thought Leader Engagement, KOL feedback research
  • Fair-Market Value (FMV) Compensation Rates for KOL Payments
  • Medical Affairs Programs
  • Medical Science Liaisons/Medical Advisors Metrics
  • Commercial/sales metrics on operations, staffing, reps activities and salaries

Most of our research features specifics on the worldwide regions of Asia-Pacific, Europe, North and South America.

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